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  • Smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves
  • Three versions to choose from: Standard, 100 psi for fast rides, and K-Shield for Flat protection
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212103 K-SHIELD F/R 26x1.50 Wire 60 40-65 532±32g
212104 K-SHIELD F/R 700x35C Wire 60 50-85 503±29g
212165 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 16x1.25 Wire 60 100 215±14g
212083 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 16x1.50 Wire 60 100 321±19g
212140 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 20x1 1/8 Wire 60 35-100 298±18g
212167 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 20x1.25 Wire 60 100 281±18g
212064 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 20x1.50 Folds 60 100 610±35g
212084 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 20x1.50 Wire 60 100 444±26g
212169 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 26x1.25 Wire 60 100 400±25g
212085 HIGH PRESSURE F/R 26x1.50 Wire 60 100 585±34g
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